WEEK 14 – 20 DECEMBER 2013


Alhamdulillah…I’m still alive to experience the big day for this course. Edutechnovation Day. A day where we will share everything that we have done through this 14 weeks, a day where we will proudly present what we have so far, and a day where we can evaluate ourself on what we have learn so far from this course. No more stress and I felt proud to present my group’s video. Whatever happened after this, I will accept it because I believe that I have tried my best. Just like last week, we are the fifth group to present and alhamdulillah everything went very smooth. No more nervous and I’m very happy to see all of my classmate’s work. Congratulations to all of you and also my beautiful lecturer Dr.Rosseni and also all the facilitators. Also a big thanks for all of you because of all the efforts until I manage to learn something new and produce my own product. May Allay pay everything on you.

All of the group received some token and we are happy during this day. Like Dr. Rosseni said, all of us are the winners and I believe that there is a chance to improve myself. Hope that all the knowledge i have from this course will help me to preparing myself to be a good teacher in the future..In shaa Allah..


WEEK 13 – 13 DECEMBER 2014

Assalammualaikum and hye everyone..!!!

Here we go in week 13. Piles of work need to be done in a short time, not only for this course but also in the others courses. Having a little bit stressed but I believe that anything we did sincerely will worth something.

“Mereka itulah yang akan mendapat bahagian yang baik dari apa yang telah mereka usahakan dan Allah amat cepat hitunganNya.”

(Surah Al Baqarah:Ayat 202)

A pre-Edutechnovation Day for this week. All of us need to present full video and also the poster. As for my group, we’ve tried our best but sometimes a lot of idea is not good. Because of this, we having some problem in deciding which scene need to be record as part of our video.


All the ideas need to be finalize before we record it. As for my group, we still have a few scenes which are not being recorded yet. Since that we are running out of time, we have no choice other than make use of any time that available for us. Alhamdulillah. During this injury time, I’m glad that on 11 December (Wednesday), we’re having a holiday. So, we have no more excuse for not to finish our video. At 11 am in the morning, Amira and Azilah came to my room to discuss about what we need to do today. Irham was not available because he had a trip to Parliament’s building. After a few hours of ice breaking, we manage to identified scenes that we need to record and also a few parts that we need to change. Around 2 pm, we move to Faculty of Education to have the recording session. Azilah act as the videographer in the scene where I’m acting as a friend who tried to consult Amira. Around 5.30 pm, Irham’s arrive and we resume the recording session involving him. After all the scenes being recorded, we sit together and start to edit the video. At 7.30 pm, we went back to hostel before we start the editing session around 8.30 pm. It was a long night. Amira and Azilah stayed at my room because there were a lot of things need to be done by tonight. All the works begin and we manage to finish it around 2.00 am before we uploaded it in the Facebook’s group so that we can have some comments there.

Next morning, we view all the comments for our video. Below are the comments :

Dr. Rosseni : good improvement from the first draft, some of the early scenes are a bit lengthy. Deliver your message short and sweet…as soon as u think the audience get the message go to another scene.The ustazah part is good. However the explanation is a bit too formal. i dont think u will be able to deliver that kind of message to couples who no longer think straight when they r involve in this kind of relationship. Put some sense into the audience so they think and not let the words pass by just like when ur mom nag u. Do somethingk different and out of the ordinary. Then u have a good purpose for creating this video.You can maintain that though but u may want to add some informal scenes where the friends as real friends should have put some sense into the girl and even the boy for that matter.The ustadz part is also a good effort, congratulation for being able to put an effort for a professional advice. The yellow font of text ran over the ustadz doing the explanation is a “noice” plus the font color is not a good choice, it does not contrast the background. u need to insert question answer session that does not seems too formal. No need to interview the istadz again. Get help from the facilitators. Inquire if u can get help from En M Helmi Norman on how to insert your questioning/interview scenes in between the ustadz’s answer. Refer work by last semester group (Amie Amira, Ong Jee Teng, Ayie etc.)Thus the last session should be in a form of Q&A and the answers should be cut into many phrases so u can just show one by one in KEYWORDS or SHORT PHRASES.The orange font (color and type) is not contrasting the background.

Puan Ana : Good job! As i mentioned yesterday, just put the answer in a form of keyword or make it short. You can change the font to white color only if the background color is black. Rather than putting the word transition from bottom to up, it is better for u to put transition from left to right. If you have short phrase for q&a, it would be much better.

Here are the comments for our poster :

Puan Ana : Put your name and metric number at the footer section. Small font size.

Dr. Rossseni : u can maintain the names with the art font, make it smaller and add the necessary info in small font for grading purposes (12pts) on the footer

Encik Helmi : Looking good! If you want to make the poster more dramatic, you can change your pictures to dual tone – using the hue and saturation effect in photoshop to make it blend in with the background

After viewing all this comments, we sat together and start to brainstorming again. Then, we have some ideas and we decide to meet again at 4 pm after class. We redo some scenes again.


Sleepless, restless, eatless and everything is less. Hoping that no less mark for us. Presentation started and Encik Fuad as the chairman. There are seven group presenting the video and my group’s turn is number five. All the video presented are well done and very good. It make me felt nervous but I believe that my group have tried our very best. We also have the opportunities in voting the video. The range of voting are 1-4.


We got some others comments regarding our video and we still have a few days to improve it. Never give up and never felt satisfied with our works will worth something more valueable. We take some effort to edit some part here and there and we hope that it gives the best.

I will keep fighting till the end..!!!!

That’s all for this week and untill we meet again…!!!

WEEK 12 – 06 DECEMBER 2013

Assalammualaikum and Hi everyone !!!

For today’s class, I felt hopeless and dissapointed whenever Dr. Rosseni told us the average marks for our individual reflection. 10/30 is the highest marks for now and I wondering about mine. It was a bad news since we’ve already undergo 11 weeks of reflection and the marks get me stressed all the day. I’ve tried my best but maybe it was not my luck. I’m hoping to get an “A” for this course because I do love it more. Moreover, Dr. Rossseni told us we are in the “C” group. It makes me very sad. Again, I’m promised to myself to make bigger improvement and put more effort for this course so that it will worth me an “A”. I need to check back the evaluation so that I will never miss any step. I will take this seriously because I am targeting A for Educational Technology. Apart from that, Dr. Rosseni also asked us to do our reflection right after the class so that we will freshly remembered what had happened before. I will hold the words as tight as I can.

Others than that, we have the video inspection by our tutors. They view our video and gave us some comments about what should we improve. For our video, they asked us to cut a few scene mainly in the expertise’s explaination because it’s too long and can make the audience bored. Take noted with all the comments, we decided to discuss it after the class is over.

Apart from that, for our video, we’ve met a few times this week to discuss about the progress. We met up at night at Kolej Keris Mas. We edit the video together instead of brainstorming new idea so that we can improve the video quality.

That’s all for this week reflection. Hope that I can perform better in the next task. Thanks to Dr. Rosseni, Mr. Helmi, Kak Ana and Mr. Fuad for being such kind in helping us.

WEEK 11 – 29 NOVEMBER 2013

Assalammualaikum everyone..!!!

Alhamdulillah. Here am I again after go through a very hectic week. It is week 11 already. Times were running so fast and I looks like lost my 24 hours. Ya Allah, make me strong so that I can manage all the challenges in this semester.

As for this class, Kak Ana emphasize us on how to do a good individual reflection as we are not in the right track. According to Kak Ana, our reflection do not achieve the target set by this course and if we didn’t change the way of doing it, we will lost our marks for it. She also showed to us the reflections did by our seniors and it’s kind of having a big problem. Their reflections and mine were big different. I am only reflect back what have I learn in the class without relate it to the real situation. I’m just write back what I already learn that day without knowing it uses. Add on by Mr. Helmi, there were five stages in doing our reflection which are reporting, responding, relating, reasoning and reconstructing. As for now, I’m promised to myself to improve my reflections in a few coming weeks so that I can try to have a good marks too. Do guide me if I;m doing something wrong. It’s a kind of learning if we did a mistakes..^_^

Done with the reflection session, we move on a suprised news. First, we’ve been told to do a poster relating to our video. It’s kind of having a poster same like a film nowadays and I felt excited with it. Apart from the excited feeling, I am quite worried because that’s mean our work are not finished yet. Then, we are told that there will be an EduTechnovation Day on the last week. What a suprised to me. I thought that we will present our video same like before but it was wrong. We are having a big day during the presentation of the final video. In the other hand, during this event, others lecturers and the dean will be invite. I am imagine that I’m gonna to present my work in front of many VIPs on that day.

On that day, we are going to present the video and also explain to them the objectives and purpose of creating that video. Apart from that, the poster that we need to create will be paste around the lab so that it will be more merrier. I could imagine how glamourous that day.

After all of the news, we moving on to learn how to create the poster. Mr.Helmi are the one who conducted the learning process help by Mr.Fuad and Kak Ana. We learn again to use Adobe Photoshop. This is what I’ve learn :

Creating poster using Adobe Photoshop :-


1.) Set the canvas.

File > New

Preset > International Paper

Size > A3

Resolution > 100 – 150

Then click OK.


2.) Import a picture as the background.

File > Open > Choose picture from file

3.) To have a landscape image.

Image > Image rotation > 90′ clockwise

4.) To set up a new canvas.

Window > Arrange > Float all in window.

5.) To drag the picture from the 1st canvas.

Click on the “Move Tool” icon then drag the picture.

6.) To adjust the size of the picture.

Click the box “Show Transform Control”

Press the left click with the SHIFT button on your keypad simultaneously to adjust the size of the picture without changing the picture’s proportion.

7.) To give colours to background.

Window > Layers > Background > Gradient Tool > Bucket Tool > Choose the colour that you prefer > Move the cursor to the background then click it.


8.) To give effects to the picture.

Image > Adjustment > Photo Filter

9.) To add text to the picture.

 Selection Tool > Text

Click the cursor on your image and then type your text.

10.) To change the colour of your text.

Right click on the Text Layer > Blending Options

What a big tough for me as I am a person who do not like creative job. Alhamdulillah since Mr.Fuad and Kak Ana always get in touch with me and they guide me so that I’m on the right track so far. Finally, I already know how to create my poster later on butg I need to mingle with it more.

Hopefully from today’s class, I can apply my new knowledge in producing our video poster instead of my own preparation in the future if I’ve been asked to create another one..

NOTE : We met up at Kolej Keris Mas on 27 and 28 december around 8.30 pm to record the scene and have some discussion related to the video.

Thank Ya Allah for giving me such a wonderful moment to remember and the chances to develop my inner skill.

Until we meet again next week..!!

WEEK 10 – 22 NOVEMBER 2013

Assalammualaikum everyone..!!!

An important and challenging week to go. Since this is week 10, so we are having our pre-presentation day. It was a very nervous day because there were a lot of things we have not done yet. Viewing others group presentation make me more nervous as they have already finished in recording process and only a few steps left before they can have the fully video. How great they are.

As for my group, we are left behind since we faces a lot of conflicts including I’m not very well in this two weeks. We became the last presenter for today and I’m hoping that everything goes well. Alhamdulillah. Slides by slides done and we already share a few scenes that we are already taken in the previous week. After the end of the presentation, I can take a long breath since there are not so much critics from our lecturer. Again, Alhamdulillah.

So, that’s all for today’s story and I promise to work extra harder in producing the video. I’m sorry if I’m didn’t give the best for my group.

Until we meet again next week…

WEEK 9 – 15 NOVEMBER 2013

Assalammualaikum everyone..!!!

This week we learned to use Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. Few tools in Adobe Photoshop are croping, slicing, moving, quick selection, typing, video editing and many more.







That’s all I can share with you this week and hope that we can apply it in our video production.

WEEK 8 – 01 NOVEMBER 2013

Assalammualaikum and Hi everyone..!!!

Week by week past and it’s already week 8..Half of this semester in done..Time passes too fast I think..

For today’s class, we learned how to edit a video using Windows Movie Maker 6.0…At first, I feel it is quite easy but after several steps I’m starting to left behind..Alhamdulillah..With the help from my friend and Mr.Helmi, I manage to get back in the track..

Here is a few steps in using Windows Movie Maker..:

First, import a video and drag into the storyboard..



To add title for the video, go to the Edit Movie and choose Add Tittle and Credits.



Then, click the selected clip or image that we want to add the title.



Next, the tittle box appear and write down what you want as the tittle.



Then, choose the animation for our tittle.



Next, change the font and the background colour.



Lastly, we use the video transition in order to determine the appearance of the video.



Hooray..Editing video is so challenging and need to be done with a lot of patience..And this is me during the editing class..



With all the knowledge from this class, I can edit my future video by myself..

Until we meet again next week..